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Registration Information:

  • Registration closes July 11th at 10pm central time
  • This event is pre-registration only, onsite registration is not available
  • Packet pickup is available Friday night from 6:00PM-10:00PM at Bernies on Main St (downtown Columbiana)
  • Onsite packet pickup is located next to the start/finish area on Washington Ave. starting at 7:00AM Saturday (see race bible for more detailed directions)
  • Juniors must have a parent or guardian sign their waiver
  • USA Cycling licenses are required, one-day license can be purchased onsite for $10/day for category 4/5 racers only
  • Timing chips are required for all racers, see pricing below or race bible

Individual Racer Pricing

April 14th-May 11th - $75

May 12th- June 11th - $85

June 12th - July 1st - $90

July 1st - July 11th - $95

Timing Chips - $5 for the weekend

 Team Registration Package - $500

Since competitive road racing is a team sport, we are encouraging teams to sign up and race together in the traditional format of 6 rider teams. Sign up 6 riders in one category and pay a total fee of $500 (comes out to $83/rider).

  • Up to 8 riders in one category (for the same $500)
  • No bikereg processing fees
  • Free timing chip rentals for the weekend
  • Feature of team and roster on the website prior to race
  • Entry into team competition

How do you register this way?

  • Gather your crew, decide which category they want to race (teams can be composite with riders from different teams or clubs)
  • Gather the funds, we prefer a one time payment to avoid having to chase people down for money. Checks can be mailed in
  • Send us a list of riders including Names, License Numbers, and Category to

Rules regarding team signup

  • Riders must all be in the same category (its not a team if you are all racing different races....)
  • Riders must have valid USAC licenses
  • No more than 8 riders can be on a team package. If you have more than 8 riders, we suggest the extra 2 riders join up with another 4 from a different club to form a second team.





For questions, please email us at